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Whether you are the corporate type, relish a tech environment, consider yourself a brainy academic, specialize in healthcare or are on an entrepreneurial journey, you will excel in these areas living in St. Louis.

You’ll find many options for jobs in large, mid-sized and small companies, non-profit organizations, healthcare, academia, tech and more. The opportunities for gainful employment in St. Louis are plentiful and your salary will go farther here than in many cities.

According to the U. S. Small Business Administration, Latinx small businesses are exploding and St. Louis has everything you need to succeed, starting with a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem that includes accelerators specifically for Black and Latinx small businesses such as WePower, UMSL Accelerate, and BALSA – all of which provide non-dilutive capital plus business development support, co-working, curriculum and mentorship to help you scale and succeed. Plus our award-winning Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a great resource for business support and collaboration.

If you’re foreign-born, St. Louis has a unique resource called the St. Louis Mosaic Project designed specifically to help connect foreign-born newcomers with social and professional resources designed to make your transition smooth. We know that being introduced to others goes a long way in helping you feel like you belong. And once you feel like you belong, you’ll definitely want to stay!

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