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Located in the eastern part of Missouri, at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, St. Louis is a beautiful city centrally located in the U.S.  We offer big city amenities including public transportation, a bustling downtown and other live/work/play corridors, eclectic nightlife and a food scene that includes restaurants owned and operated by people from around the world.

The latino population is growing and includes a Latino Cultural District known as La Calle Cherokee, known for a proliferation of Latino-owned businesses and street festivals and adjacent to neighborhoods full of young singles and new families.

Live Meal

If you looked up ‘quality of life’ in the dictionary, you’d find a picture of one of many suburbs or parts of the City where you can live comfortably. Vibrant, diverse, charming and historic– these characteristics and more describe the dozens of neighborhoods to call home. Choose an area where you can meander down tree-shaded streets lined with charming lamp posts, flowers, and stunning historic homes that date back to the 1904 World’s Fair in Forest Park. Or pick a zip code full of boutiques, restaurants and kid-friendly parks plus excellent public schools and tight-knit communities. Wherever you choose, you’ll enjoy reasonable commutes to almost any part of the metropolitan area while benefitting from a lower cost of living than Chicago (a 4.5 hour drive away), New York (less than 2 hours by plane), or Houston (1.5 hours on a direct flight).

In fact, St. Louis ranks #4 among the 10 cities with the lowest cost of living (source: making it an affordable city if you’re looking to move and make your dollar go farther.

And our four seasons means gorgeous spring, balmy summer, cool, colorful fall and mild winters. Yes, we get snow but not the quantity and duration of our Northern neighbors and the changing seasons help you appreciate…the changing seasons!

The community in St. Louis is so welcoming, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t moved here earlier. St. Louis is in the “Show Me State” so let us show you the information and resources available to make you love living, working and playing here – all you need to do is ask.

Restaurants, nightlife, neighborhoods and more to make living in St. Louis wonderful

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